SECURE’ New Journey to Participate in Arab Health Exhibition 2024

On January 29 2024, the Dubai World Trade Center is buzzing with activity. It’s about to host the Arab Healthcare Exhibition, which attracts healthcare policymakers, thought leaders, and medical professionals from around the world. Among them, a medical device manufacturer from Taiwan caught everyone’s attention. It is SECURE Technology, a company that specializes in the development and production of advanced medical devices that aim to provide the healthcare industry and patients with more efficient, safer and more comfortable solutions.



At the exhibition, the SECURE medical device manufacturer showcased its latest products such as the Smart Wheelchair and the Ultrasound Scalpel, demonstrating its innovation and leadership in the field of medical technology.



Intelligent wheelchair is a wheelchair that combines artificial intelligence, sensors, navigation, communication and other technologies, which can automatically adjust the driving speed, direction, posture and other parameters according to the user’s needs and changes in the environment, to realize a smarter, more comfortable and convenient mobility experience. SECURE’s Intelligent Wheelchair has the following main features:

—   Autopilot Power Wheelchair: This is a kind of power wheelchair that uses positioning and navigation technology to realize the function of autopilot, which can automatically plan the best path and avoid obstacles to provide a safe and fast mobility experience. This is a great convenience and help for people with limited mobility or impaired vision.

—   Zero Gravity Power Wheelchair: This is a power wheelchair with a zero-gravity seat design that allows the user’s body to assume the most relaxed position, reducing the body’s need to resist gravity, thus reducing physical stress and improving driving comfort. This is an effective way to relieve and prevent pressure sores and muscle atrophy for those who spend long hours in a wheelchair.

—   Silent Caster: This is a kind of wheel specially designed to reduce noise and vibration, which can run smoothly and quietly on all kinds of floors without disturbing the surrounding environment, and is suitable for offices, hospitals, shopping malls, and other places where low noise is required. This is a thoughtful and respectful gesture for people who need to be quiet or don’t want to disturb others.


Ms. Chen, Marketing Director of SECURE Medical Device Manufacturers, stated that their products are designed with a deep understanding and concern for people’s quality of life and health needs. Their goal is to provide innovative medical technologies that improve healthcare experiences and services for healthcare providers and patients.

We are excited to participate in Arab Health Exhibition. This event is an excellent opportunity to showcase our innovative products and network with peers and experts in the global healthcare industry. Our products can meet the medical needs of different countries and regions, improve people’s quality of life and health, and contribute to the well-being of society. Ms. Chen expressed her enthusiasm for the event.

Post time: Feb-06-2024