Meet the four star casters of Secure Company

In the process of modern medical level development and innovation, the widely used medical casters leap to the fore with more humane design, better quality and more beautiful wheel shape, bringing peace of mind, comfort and warm mobile medical experience for patients and medical staff.

Medical beds, instruments and equipment, wheelchairs …… Secure casters carry the running movement of medical space day and night, living and breathing, ordinary but great.

Today  we will introduce the four star casters of Secure castors, to appreciate the “mobile learning” in the modern medical space.

RD Series

RD Series casters have a unique double pedal design with upper pedal reset and lower pedal brake, with two gears of total free and total brake, suitable for medical trolleys and instrumentation. The main frame universal rotation axis and double wheel axle adopt ball bearings with silent and high temperature resistant grease, and metal double reed multiple brake system, the brake experience is safe and stable.


OW Series

OW Series Omni wheel based on the sixth generation of McNamee wheel innovation design, the appearance adopt big  and small wheels, wheels with high-quality TPU/TPE wheel surface, internal equipped with precision rolling bearings, suitable for intelligent wheelchairs, robots and other mobility devices.


TN Series

TN Series’ central locking casters are equipped with total free, total locking and directional locking functions for medical beds and instrumentation. Built-in backlash-free ball bearings, with a toggle wire, to assist in setting aside, adsorption of ground hair, to avoid hair caught in the wheel and its internal bearings and caused by the impact of wheel rotation.


RN Series

RN Series twin wheels with reset pedal ,casters adopt double pedal design, the upper pedal is used for reset and the lower pedal for braking, with two functions of total free and full brake, suitable for medical trolleys and instruments and equipment. The main frame universal rotation axis and double wheel axle adopts silent high temperature resistant grease ball bearing, which effectively reduces noise and keeps the overall smoothness of the casters.


Post time: Feb-24-2023