20 years of united efforts SECURE is as firm as a rock!

SECURE is celebrating its 20th anniversary. SECURE, with a broader vision and more open attitude, will set sail in the wave of medical device industry! With a strong momentum, we are heading for the future together!

Twenty years of ups and downs, building a magnificent chapter: On the new journey, showcasing a new look, together building the century-old SECURE with shared original intentions!



For twenty years of perseverance, SECURE has forged a spirit of advancing with the times and unwavering commitment to reform and innovation. The dynamic journey from nothing to something, from small to large, from weakness to strength vividly illustrates the SECURE people’s courage in embracing change.We dare to innovate, dare to create new, never slack, and never giving up. Reform and innovation have become the strongest melody and inexhaustible driving force for SECURE.

Twenty years of trials and hardships, demonstrating the SECURE people to overcome difficulties, transformation and development of the pragmatic and shoulder. From the beginning to the present, from quality development to high-quality development, every step of SECURE people is deeply imprinted with their unwavering determination and the pace of innovation.

Twenty years of shared destiny have crystallized the beliefs and sentiments of SECURE people, who have steadfastly adhered to their mission and united to build dreams. Over the past two decades, SECURE has consistently focused on contributing to national strategies, serving urban development, and contemplating overall planning within a Customer-Center framework. The company has remained committed to its mission of ‘innovating customer experience, creating customer value, and generating employee value’ throughout its journey of development.


Embark on a new journey of dreams in a century: Embrace the new era and build a dreamy future!


Start with casters, more than casters, based on customer needs, more than customer needs. Breaking boundaries, boldly expanding, continuously adapting and embracing the new era, constantly updating and iterating to meet the needs of customers and society. Striving to become China’s leading integrated service provider for the entire healthcare and wellness ecosystem. This is the goal of SECURE people.

“In iteration, we evolve; In change, we grow. With a focus on customer value, we provide users with a brand-new service experience, leading the industry in ecological development, creating more value for society and supporting the national strategy of medical intelligence. This is the future of SECURE people


“Twenty years of glory and dreams belong to all members of SECURE community and our customer base. In the future, as we embark on a new journey and move forward in the new era, SECURE will innovate to script a bright future, and through practical efforts, we will write a new chapter of high-quality development for SECURE.”

Post time: Feb-02-2024